Harrison Kwik


My research interests span learning, computing education research, and human-computer interaction. I explore novel techniques for improving how people learn in self-directed ways. I am co-advised by Haoqi Zhang and Nell O'Rourke in the Delta Lab.

During my undergrad, I worked with Amy Ko in her Code & Cognition Lab. I contributed to work on theories of learning process, intelligent programming tutors, and conducted independent research on transfer students in computer science. My independent research led to the publication of my first paper, Experiences of Computer Science Transfer Students, which I presented at ICER 2018 in Espoo, Finland.


Dastyni Loksa, Benjamin Xie, Harrison Kwik, Amy J. Ko. 2020. Investigating Novices' In Situ Reflections on Their Programming Process. In ACM Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education (SIGCSE), Research Track, to appear.

Benjamin Xie, Dastyni Loksa, Greg L. Nelson, Matthew J. Davidson, Dongsheng Dong, Harrison Kwik, Alex Hui Tan, Leanne Hwa, Min Li, Amy J. Ko. 2019. A Theory of Instruction for Introductory Programming Skills. In Computer Science Education.

Harrison Kwik, Benjamin Xie, and Amy J. Ko. 2018. Experiences of Computer Science Transfer Students. In ACM International Computing Education Research Conference, Espoo, Finland, August, 115-123.