Harrison Kwik


I was born and raised in the Seattle, Washington area for the first 17 years of my life. More specifically, I grew up in Bellevue, Washington from the ages of 1 to 17. My senior year of high school, I moved to Singapore with my family and finished school at Singapore American School.

After high school, I attended DigiPen Institute of Technology, but left after my first semester. I took classes at my local community college, Bellevue College, for a year, and then transferred to the University of Washington. I joined the Computer Science and Engineering department as a computer science major my junior year (and third quarter) of UW. On July 2018, I graduated from UW with a B.S. in Computer Science.

I enjoy a myriad of hobbies that may ebb and flow over time. Historically, I like to partake in (in no particular order): hiking, gaming, music, art, photography, design, keyboards, web development.

Recently, in particular, I have been enjoying: